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34th Sunday Homily Cycle C

34th Sunday Christ the King Cycle C

Take a look at the readings beforegoing on

Click this link to see the readings    http://www.usccb.org/nab/111410.shtml

Face Christ


We all have our ideas of what is a king.


The first reading shows David selected as king.  It is interesting that he is a sinner and at times turns from God.  But still he is a king. 

The Gospel shows us Christ as King.

The disciples were sure that the messiah would be a political king so they were shocked to learn that Jesus was going to Jerusalem to die.

How could Jesus be a King?  This was certainly a different king.

This was a king who was to be abandoned by his discples and his closest friends?  He was to be rejected?  He was to die among gangster and criminals?  He was to give his life?

The answer is yes. 

This is the way to his kingdon. 

The second reading lets us know that we have been called to his kingdom and that we too will have to give up our lives (our ideas of what is right and fair and just) so that others can find the way to Christ the King. 

Imagine the way to the king and the kingdom is to share in what Jesus went through.  This is the way to the king and the way we lead others to the Kingdom-eternal life 



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