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October 2010

How Forgiving is God?

Catherine of S Here is something well worth reading re God's great mercy on  each of us.

St Catherine of Siena's Dialogue on Divine Providence

The eternal Father, indescribably kind and tender, turned his eye to this soul and spoke to her thus:

  ‘O dearest daughter, I have determined to show my mercy and loving kindness to the world, and I choose to provide for mankind all that is good. But man, ignorant, turns into a death-giving thing what I gave in order to give him life. Not only ignorant, but cruel: cruel to himself. But still I go on providing. For this reason I want you to know: whatever I give to man, I do it out of my great providence.

  ‘So it was that when, by my providence, I created man, I looked into myself and fell in love with the beauty of the creature I had made – for it had pleased me, in my providence, to create man in my own image and likeness.

  ‘Moreover, I gave man memory, to be able to remember the good things I had done for him and to be able to share in my own power, the power of the eternal Father.

  ‘Moreover, I gave man intellect, so that, seeing the wisdom of my Son, he could recognise and understand my own will; for I am the giver of all graces and I give them with a burning fatherly love.

  ‘Moreover, I gave man the desire to love, sharing in the tenderness of the Holy Spirit, so that he might love the things that his intellect had understood and seen.

  ‘But my kind providence did all this solely that man might be able to understand me and enjoy me, rejoicing in my vision for all eternity. And as I have told you elsewhere, the disobedience of your first parent Adam closed heaven to you – and from that disobedience came all evil through the whole world.

  ‘To relieve man of the death that his own disobedience had brought, I tenderly and providently gave you my only-begotten Son to heal you and bring satisfaction for your needs. I gave him the task of being supremely obedient, to free the human race of the poison that your first parent’s disobedience had spread throughout the world. Falling in love, as it were, with his task, and truly obedient, he hurried to a shameful death on the most holy Cross. By his most holy death he gave you life: not human life this time, but with the strength of his divinity.’


Ah 6:00 AM and again DUCK IN THE POOL. Amazing how they like the human's pool more than their own pond. The duck also seem to enjoy our jacuzzi too.

Are we a little like that.
We seem to always want what others have.

In reality, one day each of us will experience that God has given us everything in eternal life.

What a merciful God we have.


Pool Ducks

A Newer Experience of God

It is very different sitting in the pews for Sunday liturgy rather than celebrating at the altar.

I sense more strongly than ever how difficult it is for all of us to understand what a gift we have in the Eucharist. We can so easily take for granted the gift of Jesus sacrifice on the cross and our being a part of that sacrifice at mass.

Wow he forgives us again and again and we are made part of that at Eucharist and even more he feeds us so we have the strength to continue on until next week.

I have learned a lot by sitting in the pews.
All around me I see my brothers and sisters not really understanding what they are attending. At least it seems that way to me. What a miracle this love and forgiveness of our God. Wow!

What do you think?

A Newer Experience of God