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August 2010

117 Degrees and Humid but...lessons I'm learning



What hot temperatures and what humidity.  But also what beauty in the great sunsets.


I guess it is a little like life.  We can have great difficulties and think it is almost unbearable, but then if we are willing to wait, beauty can take place and we find great peace


Have a great week ahead.

Keep me in your prayers 





My Weekday Place in the Desert

I am amazed at how much the daily readings used at mass speak to me.  Wow!  Unbelievable how the Word of God is stronger than ever right now as I adjust to retirement.


There is lots of time to study scripture, read the new book Bonhoeffer which has given me lots of insights into my own life and what it means to be Christian.


The day are hotter than H _  _  _!

But the sunsets are beautiful and a great time for walking.


I am looking forward to September when I hope once again Fr. M will assign me some weekend masses.  I have really missed that in my retirement.  But even in that situation God has been speaking to me.


Day time walks have been wonderful.  Lots of desert discoveries near to where I live.  That also mean snakes and all kinds of wild life.


Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Prayers always.

Fr. D