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November 2009


Seasons Greetings

What a great liturgical season


to wait and watch for the Lord everyday.

To see him in all the events of my life each day

Often times the Lord comes to show me my sins, my lack of compassion and mercy, my intolerances.  These are always uncomfortable times when I see these in my life.  But at the time I usually do not recognize that the Lord has called me to see myself.  It seems to be after the encounter that I recognize the Lord in the person that has shown me my sins.  But...HE COMES FOR THE SINNER

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Have a great ADVENT watching for the Lord daily.

Prayers always

Fr. Doug

P.S.  The photo is the rectory decked out for Advent. 


My Room in the Rectory

The rectory here at St. Angela's is beautiful.  Each priest has a room with a patio.

The first photo is inside my room.  Notice the blinds that cover the window to my private patio.

The other photo show outside my patio at night.  The room is a great place to pray, expecially evening prayer, as the sun sets. 




I recently found this cat at an art exhibit.  Great pet.  Takes very little of my time.  But I do enjoy looking at it.Ha!

Celebrating with the Neocatechumenate

Get Ready

It is always a great spiritual experience for me personally to celebrate Eucharist with a Neocatechumenate Community. 


 I was with the Community from St. Mary's in Fullerton last night. 

 They were on retreat (Convivence as we call it). 

The Neocatechumenate is a process of deep conversion

for us who are already baptized. 

 I have been in a community for 31 years now. 

It led me to my becoming a priest.

The communities are for me a place of great spiritual growth. 


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Fr. Michael Facilitates November Staff Meeting


Staff Meetings seem to get better and better.


Fr. Michael is very supportive of the staff.  It is great to have a pastor that is so caring.  He has a great trust in his staff members.  This was certainly reflected in the November Staff Meeting




Above photo

1st Staff Meeting                                       Above photo  November Staff Meeting