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October 2009

Foggy Sunday in October


Fog2 10-9
Fog1 10-09

There is a simple beauty in the fog as the Sunday begins.


The church lot is empty as people then begin to arrive for the 6:30 morning mass.  May the Lord clear the fog of our minds and spirits this day.


Help us to find you even in the fog of difficulties and struggles of our lives.

Help us to pick up the cross in our own lives and follow YOU.


Statue of St. Angela Merici Arrives

Statue of St. Angela Merici Arrives

This beautiful statue was donated for the future Prayer Garden.  Also donated as a part of the future garden is a marble and granite Bench of the Unborn.


We all had a great time helping with the unloading whether giving advice, taking photos or videos, or just watching. 

The project will begin when the funds are available.  Until then all goes into storage.