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July 2009

Getting to know the community

Each morning I have had the chance to take a walk around the parish commulnity. 

 I spend about an hour walking and making discoveries in the neighborhood. 

All kinds of homes and businesses are around the church. 

The photo shows the side of the church on the right of the picture. 

This is where I usually start my walk.

Getting back to normal at Last!!!

At last I am beginning to feel at home.  I am sure glad the moving is over.  I had a surprise visit from some parishioners from St. Joachim.  It was a surprise to see them at the 5:00 PM mass.  They took me out to dinner.  And...surprise of surprises another couple at the restaurant recognized me and came by the table to let me know they enjoyed my homily at the mass.  Have a great week.  Visit my website if you get a chance.

My Vacation comes to an end. It has been a working vacation

As many of you know, I have a new trailer in the desert and I spend a month working on it.










I did a little outdoor statue work.  This statue of St. Francis has been with me for a few years and he is now at the new trailer.















Of course, I spent a little time working on the inside getting moved in.  Wow!  Where did I get so much stuff.


Well, the vacation ends soon.  I will be going to my new parish.  Please keep me in your prayers as I am a little anxious about the move.


Prayers always,


Fr. Doug