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June 2009

The Moving is now Completed.

At last...

I have moved my belongings from

St. Catherine of Siena to

St. Angela Merici.

I had a few moments to take a few shots of the grounds.

I will be leaving for vacation on Sunday.  I will be staying out in the Desert. 

Keep me in your prayers and know that you will be in mine.


June 10, 2009 The Moving Continues


It is amazing how much I have to move. 

 I have been making several trips to my new location. 

 Fortunately I have had some help.


I will be taking a few weeks off for summer vacation.

You guessed it.  THE DESERT













Then starting in the middle of July, I will be

at St. Angela Merici


My first contact has been great. 

The people/staff have all been very welcoming.


June 2009 The Priest Retreat in the Diocese of Orange

La Quinta
Mass ready

This has been a week of retreat with all the priests of the Diocese of Orange at the LaQuinta Resort..

The time together with all the priests is in itself a spiritual thing.  We see each other aging and hopefully growing in our spirituality.


In the past when I have moved to another parish, the retreat is always difficult because I find myself distracted with thoughts of the move to the new parish.  But, I am sure God is working even in this event. 


Keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.


Below is a video clip of some of the Highlights of the 2009 Retreat

Please continue to pray for the Priests of the Diocese of Orange