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May 29, 2009

May 29, 2009


The Packing Continues

My office is slowly being emptied.


A Special thanks for all your prayers and good wishes as I leave St. Catherine. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  You will always be in mine.

Fr. D

Waiting for the Holy Spirit


Each day we wait for the Holy Spirit.

Here is something I came across that had great meaning for me.


Come Lord Jesus, 

Send us your Spirit

Renew the face of the earth.


A Wind Filled The Room & Tongues of Fire Appeared over Their Heads

  A Wind Filled The Room & Tongues of Fire Appeared over Their Heads


Come to us, Spirit of God

              breathe in us now,

              we sing together.

Spirit of hope and of light,

              fill our lives.

Come to us Spirit of God.


Fill us with the fired of your love, burn in us now.             

 bring us together.

Come to us, dwell in us,

change our lives O Lord.

Come to us Spirit of God


Send us the wings of new birth,

fill all the earth with love you have taught us

Let all creation now be shaken with love

Come to us Spirit of God.

  Hs dove


Happy Pentecost.

May you be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Saying Goodbye to St. Catherine of Siena Parish

May 23, 09

2nd Grade says "Goodbye" with Notes

Goodbyes are never easy for me. And packing is for the birds. Yesterday I took a load of my belonging to the new parish. Wow! What a greeting I received. People even volunteered to help me unload my car and place my stuff in storage in the rectory. I was really made to feel at home. Thanks to all especially to Connie, Lupe and Juan.

During the week I celebrated by last mass at St. Catherine of Siena School. The kids are a real blessing. They presented me with a collection of their art work. The second grade even presented me with some notes. They were a great confort to me as I move .

Some highlights of my past week during May

Lauren & Jon

I celebrated Eucharist with the cadets and Sisters at St. Catherine's Military Academy in Ahaheim.  It is always a great experience.  A special thanks to the Sisters for inviting me.  The crowing of Mary was a very moving event.  Wow!  God bless you all.






Last week I presided at the wedding of Lauren and Jon.  What a great celebration.  Jon and Lauren are a great couple.  I have gotten to know them just a bit as I met with them over the past months preparing them for their wedding.  Best wishes.