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Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C


August 14, 2022

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Why do bad things happen to good people?


For most of us, we have all asked that question, if not out loud, certainly to ourselves.


Photo Aug 08, 2 15 20 PM

The first reading deals with Jeremiah the prophet.  Jeremiah was chosen by God at a very early age to be a prophet, to make God present to the people.

Jeremiah was to continue to urge the people not to give in to the pagan surroundings and beliefs, for they were God's Chosen People 

Jeremiah's intentions were good, knowing that God had called him and given him a mission, yet there were moments when there were great struggles, difficulties, suffering and even moments of coming very close to death.

The reading that we hear today is Jeremiah in his old age. He has been telling the political leaders and the people not to spend so much time worrying about political power and material possessions, but to make sure that God was present in how they were fulfilling their mission. They were to make the world ready for the coming of the Messiah.  The kings at the time were not interested in that; they wanted power and material wealth.  They were tired of Jeremiah and so they decided to kill him.

Photo Aug 08, 2 16 09 PM

They threw him into a cistern, a deep pit and he was to die by starvation.

Photo Aug 08, 2 15 44 PM


However, the reading ends with the king changing his mind and draws Jeremiah out of the cistern before he died.






Photo Aug 09, 6 18 47 PM

So again we can ask the question... why did such bad things happen to Jeremiah, who was a prophet, only trying to fulfill the mission that he had been given by God.


  Photo Aug 08, 2 28 22 PM

In the Gospel reading, Jesus disciples had begun to understand that He is the Messiah, He is the son of God, and his disciples were excited about that.

In their minds they thought he would become a great political leader with great power. They believed that since they had known and even been friends with him Jesus would make them important leaders when his kingdom came.

  Photo Aug 08, 2 29 33 PM
And yet to their surprise they heard the words that we hear in the Gospel.   Jesus has not come to establish peace on earth but rather division.
That is difficult for us to to comprehend because it again ask us the question,


We can often think that to follow Jesus means no problems, no struggles, no rejections, etc. in our lives because we are Christians only  following Jesus.

But Jesus makes it very clear that our mission  to make God present in the world will involve struggles and difficulties as a part of our journey to eternal life.  Jesus showed this in his acceptance of his passion, suffering, and death.  

Jeremiah, the prophets, and the saints, understood that they were to make God present in the world in the good times in life, but also in the struggles of life, the moments of having to face rejection, and even death.


Photo Aug 08, 2 21 09 PM

The author, St. Paul, understood that part of the race that we all run in our lives today will have moments when we will be discouraged.  

We may even ask, why bad things happen to us?




St. Paul understood that there would be moments that we have to carry our cross, the things that happen to us that seem  difficult and unfair.

He encouraged the Hebrew Christian community of that time, not to grow weary or lose heart, even in the midst of persecution and struggles and difficulties---even when bad things happened.

We can come to understand that for all of us there will be times when bad things will happen.  

Photo Aug 09, 6 20 18 PM


Yet we need to remember that the cross is always a part of our journey to eternal life.




There will be moments of great joy, but there will also be great moments of turmoil and struggle, rejection and disappointment which are all a part of our race, our journey to eternal life.








Photo Aug 08, 2 33 12 PM

We never ask for more sufferings, more bad things to happen, but when they come and they will, let us pray that what we have heard this Sunday will help us!!!
As the world treated the prophets, the saints, today's world will treat us...
at our anointing at  Baptism was a call by God to be...
Prophet... to make God present in the world
Priest... to sacrifice for others
King... to be a part of the Kingdom
We have been called by God...Don't forget this especially when the next struggle happens...

Nineteenth Sunday Ordinary Time cycle C


August 7, 2022

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Photo Aug 03, 9 54 31 AM


The first reading was taken from the book that was the last written in the Old Testament by a pious Jew, living in Egypt and writing in Greek, during the first century, BC.

Photo Jul 31, 6 18 24 PM

The author reminds the people of that day of the great love that God had shown by bringing them out of their slavery in Egypt. He recalls for them, the night of the Passover in which God, in his love,  led them to freedom in spite of their turning from Him at times.

Photo Aug 03, 9 57 52 AM
That message is for each of us today; God loves us so much that he will always lead us out of our own Egypt, our slavery to sin, to the freedom of forgiveness. Our sins can be forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Again and again we can experience God's great love for us.

Photo Jul 31, 6 24 50 PM

In the Gospel, Jesus reassures his disciples that they have been called by God, to his kingdom.  That also holds for us from the day of our Baptism.

Photo Jul 31, 6 27 22 PM

Photo Jul 31, 6 24 45 PM

Jesus tells them that much has been given to them.  That is true to us even in our most difficult times. God has assured us that we can have eternal life, that joy and peace we all long for.

But we must be ready when Jesus  comes and asks us to make Him present for others.




Photo Jul 31, 6 26 14 PM
Every day Jesus comes, not only in those situations which are wonderful, but also in those times and situations which  are difficult. We know that Jesus Christ is in the poor, in the struggling, in those who have no hope. We are called to make Him present to people in those situations by our actions and prayers for them.

Photo Jul 31, 6 39 50 PM
Paul's letter, written to this early Christian community, tells about Abraham's faith. 

Both Abraham and barren Sarah, who, in her old age, conceived a son, Isaac.  Their faith, their willingness to journey for years  where ever God was leading them.  In a sense, they had to leave their comfort zone and trust God.

Photo Jul 31, 6 35 57 PM

That same faith was given to us and continues to grow in us since our baptism. We too, like Sarah and Abraham need to trust and make that journey in our lives, sometimes not understanding, sometimes doubting, but knowing that God is leading us to the gift of eternal life. We belong to the kingdom and we are his little flock. He will never abandon us.


So what are we waiting for?

He has called us my name.

There are no excuses in not making Christ present for others, even to the ones who can make life so difficult.

Photo Jul 31, 6 25 57 PM

We are called to use our gift of baptism, our gift of faith, our lamp, our light of Christ and to take it to others.  

Patience, humility, compassion, forgiveness, etc are a part of that light we have been given to each of us and  we are to make that light present in the world.  

Let's pray for the grace to do exactly that, especially the next time we are in a confrontation with someone or are, like Abraham and Sarah, called to leave our comfort zone.

Photo Jul 31, 6 23 49 PM

Light your lamp and be ready!!!

Stay awake

We are called!!!


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Twenty First Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C



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In Time of Problems and Difficulties.....



Photo Aug 16, 5 36 18 AMThe first reading is addressing the people who have returned from their exile in approximately 538 B.C.

As we can imagine, the people returning and seeing Jerusalem and the country in ruins were deeply depressed. 



Photo Aug 16, 5 34 46 AM

This author is giving them courage and telling them about the future glory of Jerusalem. The world would come to see these words of future glory completely fulfilled some 500 years later by Jesus Christ the Messiah.  We too, are a part of making that new Jerusalem present in the world today.  We need to understand that God is never rushed by time in carrying out His plans. It may take hundreds of years to fulfill the plan to bring humans to eternal life with Him. 


Just as the prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures were called to make God present in the world and to give people hope and encouragement, so we too, through our baptism, are called to make God present for others in today's world.



God calling
How do we do this on a daily basis?

Are we patient with the person who today drives us crazy? 

Are we willing to go out of our way for the person we encounter today, even when that means to drop everything and help?

Are we willing to be merciful today to the person who does not deserve mercy?


The prophets  were persecuted, facing suffering and even death.

That same adventure or journey is there for each of us, leading us to eternal peace and joy.  Sometimes we will be rejected; sometimes there will be great difficulties; sometimes there will be persecutions and hardships; yet we are called to make the mercy and compassion of God present in the world through the way in which we treat others, even when the world believes that some do not deserve compassion or mercy.


Photo Aug 16, 5 47 31 AMSt. Paul writes to the Hebrew community and tells them that they must expect hardships and accept them as a part of their training as they journey to eternal life.  We know that the Hebrew Christians faced persecution, often times imprisoned and were even threatened with death.

We, like the early Christians, are called also to make God present in the world at times through our struggles and difficulties.  They are a part of our training to enter into eternal life. There will certainly be moments of great joy, but there were also be moments of struggles and difficulties.



In the Gospel we are reminded that we are on our journey which is to lead us to eternal life. We are also told that we will in our lives, our journey to eternal life, have to choose daily which gate to enter,  narrow or broad.



Narrow gate

That narrow gate is our love for all people, even the enemy.  

It's a way of life that has mercy and compassion for all people, even the most difficult.

The world teaches us not to choose the narrow gate, but the broader one, the easier gate to get through, and unfortunately that gate does not lead to eternal life.

 There are many times when people, and maybe even ourselves at moments, would really prefer to go through the broader gate, which might, today, even be called the more human way of dealing with things.   The broader gate leads us to feel justified when we feel that hatred and resentment, jealousy and competitiveness, and even revenge, are appropriate.

Narrow gate 2
The narrow gate is always love to the other person, even to the enemy.

When we find ourselves wanting to go through the broader gate, we need to pray for the courage to be merciful, even to the one who is so difficult and so stressful to us. The way to eternal life is to live the life of Jesus.   We are to be loving, caring and sharing people who walk our life's journey as Jesus did.



Which gate will you choose the next time there is a struggle, or a difficulty, or a conflict with someone?

There will, no doubt, be days we select the broader gate.  

But the important thing is to recognize what we have done and pray for the grace to choose the narrow gate.  

Do not give up, that is the important thing.  

God is always there for us with His mercy and compassion, no matter how many times we fail.  

Our spirituality develops very slowly, and usually is not even noticeable to us as we grow and develop.  




...Which Gate?


Narrow and Difficult?

Broad and Easy?



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Eighteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C


 July 31, 2022

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18th Sunday ordinary time cycle c

If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.



 This Sunday, at the responsorial Psalm, we will repeat the words,

If today you hear his voice,

harden not your hearts.


It is, once again, a good reminder that every day the Lord wants to speak to us through his Word and the events, both wonderful and difficult, that  happen to us.

Are we willing to listen?


Or will we harden our hearts because we want things to go our way  so that  they make more sense to us?

What is the Lord trying to say to us in these readings today?


Photo Jul 26, 2 09 53 PM
The Jews of the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament, lived in a time when not a lot was understood about life after death.  At most it was believed to be  a kind of shadowy existence.

They believed that the power, the possessions, etc. they had here on earth were an indication of the love God had for them.


Photo Jul 26, 2 07 49 PM



They were also aware that they could take none of their possessions, wealth, or fame with them when they died.  

Photo Jul 26, 2 10 04 PM

As we think about the first reading, we come to understand why the author is saying that everything that we have here on earth is nothing but vanities.


Photo Jul 26, 2 08 59 PM


Photo Jul 26, 2 28 27 PM

In the Gospel reading, Jesus gives us a parable, showing  us how useless it is to put all of our hopes and joys into the possessions that  we gather up here on earth; we often think that they will give us the ultimate peace and happiness we all long for.

It is so easy to fall into the way today's world thinks that possessions, wealth, and fame are something we need to gather up and hang on to because they will bring us ultimate joy.  

What a lie!


Photo Jul 26, 2 31 50 PM



Photo Jul 26, 2 19 06 PM

St. Paul in his letter, reiterates the uselessness of finding lasting joy in earthly possessions.

He reminds them and us, that in baptism the old person died and has been raised up with Jesus Christ into eternal life with Him.  

Remember, these early Christians were a minority, surrounded by pagans, who knew only the joy they could experience from power, wealth, possessions, passions, etc. here in this lifetime. 



Photo Jul 26, 2 31 07 PM

It is so easy to listen to the influences of the world today, like in Paul's time among the pagans, which said that  possessions, material wealth, fame, power, etc. are the ways to find some sort of joy and happiness, but we know deep down that they cannot bring any kind of  the lasting peace and that only God has for us when we die.




We all need to continually wake up to the fact that none of  our earthly treasures  can lead us to the joy of eternal life.

Photo Jul 26, 2 32 13 PM
What are you storing up here on earth?


What are the treasures we get get here on earth, the things we do today, that are the rich treasures that will lead us to the peace of eternal life with God?




Here is one possible check list of treasures that will last...


Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."



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Seventeenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C


July 24, 2022

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Man pray



Remembering what happened to... 


Photo Jul 18, 10 15 50 AM







Photo Jul 18, 10 11 52 AM

God sees the evil that is going on in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and Abraham becomes an intercessor to God for the two great cities. 


Photo Jul 18, 10 14 27 AM

We see how patience and merciful God is as He dialogs with Abraham. Imagine the patience God has with us.

We can even see a little humor as Abraham never gives up but keeps asking again and again if God will save the cities if just a few innocent people are found. God patiently responds to each question.

Photo Jul 18, 10 14 21 AM

Abraham is a prediction of the great intercessor to come for us,  Jesus Christ.  Like Abraham, Jesus never gives up on any of us.  He has made intercession to His Father for each of us in his Passion, Suffering and death.  There is always hope for each of us.. We can always be given another chance.


Photo Jul 18, 10 21 23 AM

Saint Paul writes his letter reminding the community that they have been called and forgiven through the intercessor, Jesus Christ, the son of God.







In the Gospel, Jesus teaches his disciples to pray.   Notice that the way they are taught to pray is not just for themselves, but to include others. It is not an individual prayer for ones self, but is always inclusive of others.

Photo Jul 18, 10 24 28 AM


It is similar to what Abraham was doing in his questioning, his interceding with God for the evil cities in the first reading. "If you only find a few good people...etc"

Speaks Abraham


Our call, like that of Abraham and the disciples of Jesus, is to pray and intercede for others, not just for ourselves.

Photo Jul 19, 2 25 40 PM


In the week ahead inclusive prayer might be a good practice, so that when we pray for ourselves, to also be inclusive of others  who might be in the same situation.

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Sixteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C


July 17, 2022

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Photo Jul 17, 5 07 21 AM

How many times do we miss the passing or the presence of God in our lives?

Do we think that He only passes in our lives when all is going well?


Photo Jul 13, 2 07 11 PM


The first reading deals with Abraham and Sarah. 
 We  remember the story about them when God promised Abraham eternal life and  for the ancients  that meant having descendants.

No descendants, no eternal life! 






Photo Jul 14, 2 55 25 PM

However having descendants seemed impossible for Abraham and Sarah since they were both very old and Sarah had always been barren and could not give birth to children.

 Abraham is called our father in faith;

but Why???


Photo Jul 14, 3 20 59 PM

He was willing to make a journey through the desert with his wife Sarah without much to go on other than the promise of eternal life (descendants) from God.  Abraham had FAITH.  He was willing to make the journey into the wilderness with no map, no directions just waiting and watching for the passing of the Lord.

Photo Jul 13, 2 05 44 PM

Then Abraham  recognizes the presence of God in the three messengers that come to tell him that within a year Sarah will have a child even in her old age.

  Photo Jul 13, 2 06 30 PM

Amazing how God works when often things seem so difficult and impossible.   But that seems to be the way He also often works in our lives.  It is seems so easier to experience God when all is going well, no problems, no anxiety, etc.


  Photo Jul 13, 2 12 20 PM
In the second reading Paul says that he rejoices in his sufferings, his difficulties.  He understood that everything that happened somehow it was a part of  his journey of FAITH that led him to eternal life.

In some Strange Way, Paul was able to recognize the passing of God, not only his successes, but also in his struggles.



Photo Jul 13, 2 23 54 PM

We have all heard the gospel story about Martha and Mary.  When Jesus comes to their house, Mary's first thought was to learn all that she could from the lips of Jesus.  Martha's first concern was hospitality.



Photo Jul 14, 2 54 30 PM

The lesson that we can all learn is that... everyday God passes.

Are we willing to find him  each new day in...  the events and struggles,  or are we too busy in our daily activities to stop and see God's presence?

Do we see Him passing in our moments of joy?

Do we even see Him acting in our failures and struggles where we can discover more about loving the other even the person that is difficult, the enemy. 




It is the Lord calling us to conversion.

What a gift.


Perhaps  the messages for each of us this week is...to pray for ourselves so we can receive the gift of watching for the Lord everyday; to watch for his passing; to have the strength and courage to sometimes drop other things we might be doing to a later time and listen to what is being taught to us.


In this unwanted situation do I  have the Faith of Abraham and Sarah

to take the  this seemingly difficult journey into the unknown?


Photo Jul 14, 2 55 35 PM


Photo Jul 17, 5 12 00 AM


  Lord passing



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Fifteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

July 1o, 2022

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In difficult situations just what is God asking us to do?


This Sunday's readings help us to reflect on this...

and it will take great courage to look deep within ourselves to face the answer.


Recall that God had given his people the Promised Land and everything went well until they began to turn to other gods and forgotten what God had done for them.  Jerusalem was destroyed, the Temple the dwelling place of God was destroyed, the people were taken into exile in Babylon.  It was there in  Exile that the people realized that they had forgotten God.


Deut choose life

In the first reading we are told the story of how Moses told the Babylonian Exiles to be faithful to what God had given them when they first got out of their slavery in Egypt and brought them to the Promised Land.

The Exiles were beginning to see that they had abandoned God and were now crying out to God, asking Him what do we have to do?  


We can so easily be like these people in the story.

When all is going well we tend to forget about God and we turn to our idols to give us security, money, possessions, wealth, power etc.

Everyday God is asking us in every situation to return to Him.  But exactly what is God asking us to do?



Photo Jul 04, 7 59 19 PM





  Moses gave the answer to the people- heed the voice of the Lord and not to the idols that surround you.








 Luke Gospel

In the Gospel we hear that the scholar of the law asked Jesus that same question; what must I do?
And the scholar of the law gave the answer of the Shema...

You shall love The Lord , Your God,Question jesus

with all your heart,

with all your being,

with all your strength,

with all your mind,

and your neighbor as yourself.


Then the scholar of the law goes on to ask Jesus; who is my neighbor?

 Who is my neighbor???


We too often ask that same question, especially when we encounter a strange person, a person we do not know, a person that interrupts our plans and schedule.  Who is my neighbor?

Photo Jul 04, 7 44 18 PM


We may want to think that our neighbor is someone we like, someone who is not difficult, someone that we really want to help, someone who is not a reject, someone who lives a life style like our own, who sees things our way.

Every day we walk on our journey of life, and we will meet a neighbor in need.  

Will we recognize the neighbor that God has put before us?

Photo Jul 04, 8 05 38 PM

The problem is often times we are too busy with our own interest and we failed to recognize those many neighbors that we meet every day  are needing our prayer, our compassion, our patience, our willingness to listen, etc.

That person, that neighbor may physically look normal, but they may well be deeply wounded and just need a caring person.


Photo Jul 04, 8 02 41 PM

In the second reading St. Paul gives the Colossians and us an image of Jesus Christ. They and us are a part of making this Christ present in the world. We can see in that image that He calls each of us today to be a reflection, a presence of Christ for the world today.

Christ was able to endure insults, abusiveness,  hard heartedness, disbelievers and even the enemies who  crucified Him.


Neighbor who



In the gospel we hear ...



What do I have to do?




Photo Jul 04, 7 46 49 PM



Photo Jul 04, 7 47 46 PM



Photo Jul 04, 7 47 59 PM


The answer is clear; become the good Samaritan.

Often times we will have to pray for the grace, the gift, to be able to do that.


We may also have to pray for the grace to be able to see that we fail as the Good Samaritan; we don't have the time, we think someone else should be the Good Samaritan,  and then to thank God for showing us ourselves so we can repent.  Our prayer also needs to be for ourselves that we be given the grace and courage to go out of our way for the others, in spite of our plans, in spite of our inconveniences etc.


We know what we have to do!

Don't we?

Pray to do it!!!



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Fourteenth Sunday Ordinary Time Cycle C

July 3, 2022

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God at work

It is always interesting to see how God often works. Have you ever noticed that many times He waits until there are difficulties and problems before He goes into action, and how often He works through others, even others who seem weak?


That, for each of us, can be most frustrating because we don't like to have difficulties or situations that we are not comfortable with;  yet that seems to be the place that God often works.

Photo Jun 25, 8 40 32 AM

In the first reading we find the exiles have returned to Jerusalem, and seeing the great devastation of the city, they are very depressed and downcast. They find that their beloved city in total ruins; even the sacred Temple has been destroyed.

Jerusalem return
Yet the prophet tells them to rejoice because God does have a plan. Jerusalem will be whole once again.  
All of their  difficulties will be overcome.  Rejoice!

Obviously they are encouraged to have faith and to begin to rebuild Jerusalem.

As we are able to look back in history, we can see this fulfilled today. We know that  there is a new Jerusalem fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  There is a way for all to have that new Jerusalem, today and forever through Jesus Christ.

Yet, when we are faced with our own personal difficulties and told to Rejoice...well, we know how difficult that can be.  Yet there is a truth here for us today, as there was for those in the first reading.  Often, we come to discover that, at times, we do not trust God.  We may think He takes too long; or He works the wrong way, etc.  That is a time to pray for our own conversion and grace.  

Help my unbelief


Photo Jun 25, 8 46 11 AM
In the Gospel reading, Jesus is sending 72 followers on the mission to preach the gospel in towns and villages of Galilee.

Why didn't Jesus himself go?  He for sure would have had great success.

Yet Jesus knows clearly, that it is through weakness, difficult situations, that He will work. Photo Jun 25, 8 45 43 AM

We can only imagine the doubts and fears those that are sent must have had.  And on top of that they are told to take nothing with them.


Take nothingThat can also be a truth for us when we are on our personal journey in personal situations that are difficult.  The Lord might be saying not to take anything with us; not our solutions, our ideas etc. 

When we have been sent on a journey in situations that are difficult, we need to pray for the courage to wait for the Lord, and how He wants us to work.  Perhaps it will not be as we thought.  Are we willing to take this journey taking nothing with us?

Photo Jun 25, 9 11 53 AM

We all know of the many difficult situations and sufferings that St. Paul endured on his many journeys.  He clearly understood the great gift that he had been given in his Christianity, that God worked in all the difficulties he encountered.

Do we appreciate the gift that God has given each of us?

We, like Saint Paul, like all Christians. are called to make God present today in the world.  That means through us His mercy, His compassion, His understanding, His patience, etc. will make Him present in the world today.

Photo Jun 25, 8 45 26 AM

Be ready to be sent everyday on a new journey,

in all the situations that will happen.  


Take nothing with you!


Pray for the grace to take the daily journey!


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The Body & Blood of Jesus...Corpus Christi Cycle C

June 19, 2019

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This Sunday we reflect in a very special way on the Eucharist...

The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ... Corpus Christi.







Genesis-14In the first reading we reflect on the fact that Abraham was returning victoriously from a battle against the invading kings from the east who had attacked and destroyed.

As Abraham returns home he is met by the high priest and king of Salem, Melchizedek who meets and congratulates Abraham and makes an offering of bread and wine to God to show their thanks for the victory in the struggle.




Paul writes about the blessed Eucharist.  We hear of an account to the early church of the Body and Blood of Christ given to them and to us today.



Jesus communion


It was in the celebration at the Last Supper when the Lord instituted for all of us, throughout time, the Holy Eucharist as a way of feeding and caring for us.






 Here we are given an account of Jesus feeding the 5000 people who were out in the middle of nowhere.

As evening approached the apostles encourage Jesus to dismiss the crowd so they can go home for food and shelter since they were in a very desolate place.

We can see that Jesus had great concern for the people by making sure that they had sustenance for their journey home.


When we find ourselves in that desolate place in our lives, there is always the Lord who is always present in the Holy Eucharist.


It is so easy in times of desperation, in times of feeling abandoned, in times of not dealing well with the cross-the struggles and the difficulties in our lives, not to turn to the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist where he awaits to strengthen us. 




What are we waiting for?






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Trinity Sunday Cycle C

June 12, 2022

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Photo May 17, 7 21 46 PM

 We then are caught up in the eternal cycle of love

between the members of the Holy Trinity.

We are brought into heaven by the three persons of the Trinity-

-one who reveals the truth and the two who love us unto salvation.

=Pope Francis


Photo May 17, 7 09 09 PM


I remember that as a kid I was always trying to figure out how to be three in one.
How could there be only one God, but three persons.
I'm sure we've all dealt with that in one way or another until we just grew to accept it.

Yet as time goes on and our spirituality develops we can begin to understand the concept of the Trinity in different ways, not totally but little by little.  We can begin to see the concept of unconditional love in the three Persons of the Trinity that somehow is reflected in one love.

Photo May 19, 3 53 28 PM

  Photo May 17, 7 01 41 PMThe first reading from the Old Testament hints that wisdom seems to be something separate from and yet a part of God.

We might also see it as a foreshadowing of what would be fully revealed later, when wisdom was made present in  the person of Jesus Christ, who became a human being.


Crucify The presence of  unconditional love, to accept the will of the Father, and to become fully human and fully God, and to suffer for imperfect humanity, filled with mistakes, goof ups, and sins, so that they (including us) could become adopted by God and brought to His eternal life.



Jews gentiles
It is interesting to remember that those Jews converted to Christianity were able to accept the doctrine of the Trinity, the Father,  the Son, and the Holy Spirit, three persons in one God, relatively easy.

And yet they had come from a tradition of strict monotheism, one God, no idols.  After all, they were living among all kinds of peoples with many different idols and gods. Yet the converted Jews were able  accepted the concept of the Trinity. 

It's also interesting that the Gentiles, the pagans, were also able to accept the doctrine of the Trinity as they entered the church and became Christian.

Photo May 17, 7 05 47 PM
In the second reading, St. Paul hints strongly  that God is dwelling with in each of us as Father, Son, and Spirit.

It is those persons, giving unconditional love, that we meet three persons in one God.

Photo May 17, 7 18 22 PM

For each person, this love is completely unconditional and entirely without self interest. Each loves us with infinite love.

The Trinity certainly gives us an example of unconditional love from each of the persons of the Trinity.
That unconditional love of the Father was shown to us as He created us and the universe and the Father in love is willing to give  His Son, who willingly enter into becoming human and offering his life so that we can have eternal life. The Son shows unconditional love, and is willing to give everything including his suffering and death, so that we can have eternal life.
The Holy Spirit shows unconditional love and is continually  with us and the Church,  influencing us and supporting us, always with unconditional love.

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Each of us in our own baptism, are also called by God to continue to pray for that gift of giving unconditional love to all, even to our enemies.

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Once again we hear Jesus speaking at the Last Supper. He promises the disciples that he would send them the Holy Spirit. Again as we reflect on this Gospel reading, it can lead us to consider God's unconditional love that calls us to be His adopted children.


  Again, we can see that unconditional love of God, especially in those moments that He forgives us, again and again, which continually makes His unconditional love present in the world.

God never gives up on us.

Recognize His Unconditional love reflected in



Holy Spirit

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Yet One God!


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